Jonathan BAKER



Couldn’t recommend highly enough!! Jonny has gone out of his way to learn as much as possible about my long standing back problem and making sure my fitness goals can be met around them. Everything he has worked with me on has ensured fantastic progress while always being mindful of my physical capabilities. Excellent PT, looking forward to lots more of the same

Clare King

Jonny is a fantastic trainer. I carry a hip injury and everything Jonny does is to promote recovery and strengthen my muscles. He makes you feel completely at ease pushing you to your limits without causing any discomfort or injury. He is very down to earth and has a lot of knowledge so will explain everything and always promotes a good technique to ensure you get the best possible results… all whist being light hearted and up beat I would 100% recommend him.

Gemma Allardyce

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Absolutely LOVING training with Jonathan. He knows his stuff!! Feels so good to feel the BURN and know you’re going to see a difference and be able to maintain it with loads of helpful advice and tips!


Christine Brock

Really enjoy my weekly one on one workout, so much so I am upping them to twice a week! Jonathan knows my strengths and weaknesses and knows when he can push me that little bit further. Always come away feeling like I’ve had a really good workout! Highly recommended

Emma Simpson

Fantastic PT sessions from Jonny! Incredibly professional and knowledgeable! I love to know the science behind the exercises and muscle function. Not to mention I’m only 6 sessions in and I’ve lost 3.5 kilos and 6 inches in total! This is the first time I’ve ever used a PT and I am very impressed!

Sharon Bell

Really enjoying my training with Jonathan. The sessions are always good fun. Jonathan’s expertise means I get the maximum benefit from my time in the gym.

Claire Kirkchoff

Excellent personal trainer. I have numerous problems with my back and flexibility which has been hindering my progress. Jonathan took all of this into account and gave me some great options to help me on my way to getting to where I want to be. He is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. Also very friendly and supportive. I would definitely recommend his personal training sessions

John Irwin

Jonathan is a great PT. His sessions are varied and challenging. I’ve seen some great results in terms of my overall fitness and strength. The additional advice around nutrition and general well-being has also been really useful. Jonathan is genuinely interested in getting the best out of you, but also making sure you enjoy your workout. 

Lara Hills

Jonathan is a fabulous personal trainer. When I started training I was the biggest I’ve been and the most unfit to boot. He ensured that my training was tailored around existing conditions to prevent injury and has worked with me to target areas I’ve been concerned with. The results have been fab and all injury and pain free. Couldn’t recommend him more. 

Katie Waterworth

Jonathan has been my personal trainers for a few months now and I would highly recommend training with him, his training sessions are tailored to your abilities. And are varied and fun, so you always look forward to ever session.

Zeynep Elc

Jonny was my PT for 2 months – really recommend him to anybody! He is keen to teach you the right techniques and show you exercises that suit you best (and is super knowledgeable about working around injuries!)

Amanda Bailey

Highly recommend working with Jonny for PT having worked with him for the last year. I was having continuous shoulder issues following a couple of injuries and years of physio wasn’t quite fixing it. Jonny was great at understanding my injuries and finding the appropriate exercises to ensure injury recovery and not aggravation. Johnny is great to work with, he’s friendly and easy going. He’s not the shouty, pushy PT type, he’s more about helping you to listen to your body and going at the right pace and training style that works for you. Highly recommend

Ella Hayton Wylie

Recovering from multiple back operations I was a little concerned about wether I would be able to work out again. Jonathan to the rescue, giving me the tools to strengthen, to lose the weight I want, to gain muscle definition but also how most importantly to not injure myself further and how to recover quickly from exercise

10/10 everyone needs a Jonathan Baker