Jonathan BAKER


New to fitness?

A common misconception is that a personal trainer is only for those who need to step up their game in the gym or ramp up their current training programme with the help of a professional. This is not always the case.

I am also here to help those who are just starting out. I am here for those who do not feel confident to go to the gym yet and want to build confidence and a good base fitness. For those who are taking their first steps into the gym environment and to help people chose good choices for making changes for better health, wellbeing and fitness.

What better way than to have specialist advice on how to get started. I will help you and guide you along the best possible route to reach your own specific goals!

I will teach you how to perform exercise with correct form, I will set you goal specific programmes. We will discuss nutritional advice and cover all other aspects with an individuals upcoming exercise (current/previous injuries, muscular imbalances, postural issues, medical conditions and physical capabilities).



Injuries and medical conditions

Achieving a fitness related goal can be a very fulfilling experience but getting started with a pre-existing condition can be troublesome and the road can be full of twists and turns. Sometimes people just need a helping and guiding hand in the right direction. I am here to provide that!

Throughout my years as a Personal Trainer I feel one of the most rewarding parts of the job has always been helping people achieve their goals and overcome the obstacles they face to reach them. I have developed a real passion for helping people and have done so with people from all walks of life. Those who are able bodied, those with medical conditions, disabilities, social challenges and those who have suffered injury.

When working with my clients it’s not just 2-dimensional body fat reduction and muscular development, I always look at the bigger picture, how to achieve goals the smartest and safest way possible. Injury prevention and approaching each individuals needs methodically is the aim of the game, I will strive to help all to work towards their goals and stay safe doing so!

Some of the medical conditions I currently work with are:

Wheelchair users due to:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Stroke

Other conditions:

  • Hearing impaired
  • Visually impaired
  • Learning disabilities
  • Total joint replacement
  • Osteo/Rheumatoid arthritis